5 ways to break out of a decorating rut

We’ve all been there: you feel like you’re stuck in a style or decorating rut. Whether it’s home or your clothes, sometimes you need a little extra kick in the pants to see things with a fresh eye.

1 //Look for new ways to maximize storage

Ave Home campaign nightstand - @psstudio

Sure, a new piece of furniture is a great way to break out of a rut, but get beyond the form and work on the function. My new bedside table is purty, but beyond its good looks, I’m experimenting with it as a place to store bedlinens, jewelry, and undies.

2 // Find fresh color inspiration in unexpected placeschinese chippendale chair pencil shavings

I personally am feeling stuck in a color rut. I KNOW! Crazy, right? Me, the queen of all things colorful, in a rut?! I keep falling back on my standard blue-on-blue, but sometimes I feel like I’m not expanding my horizons enough. Look for new color combinations in textiles, paper goods, or art. This J.Crew dress (on sale!) caught my eye for its colorful floral print, but the more I look at it, I realize how many great colors can pair with that bold cobalt blue.

3 / Try a trend you might’ve passed by

green china cabinet - @psstudio

Try a new-to-you trend that you’ve seen in decor magazines or blogs. Have you seen how some designers are hanging picture frames on the front of bookshelves?  It’s a little unorthodox, but I’ve had fun experimenting with it. I think it works best on built-ins, personally, but it’s fun here on my vintage china cabinet.

Nickels approves. I think. Hard to say. He’s kinda judgy sometimes.

nickels chihuahua

4 / Be open to new finds

pink velvet chair

My husband came home from an estate sale with this flamingo pink velvet chair which, if I’m being honest, I probably would’ve passed by. We stuck it in our formal living room and I’m surprised how much we both love the pop of color in there. And who’d have thought he’d be so open to this particular shade of pink? A good lesson for us both!

5. Rearrange your furniture

Vintage green velvet tuxedo sofa - @psstudio

But maybe my most favorite way to bust out of a decor rut is to rearrange the furniture. Try your sofa in another corner or put a pair of chairs in another room.  And even better – it’s a totally free way to feel like everything’s fresh and new.