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Carlton Landing Lake House

Carlton Landing lake house -

We’ve been at Carlton Landing for several days now, doing what is probably best described as “puttering.”  I’ve had a handful of projects going on in the background at the lake house as we headed towards summer and so I’m all aflutter, zhushing things here and there.


The biggest thing I wanted done for summer was probably this lovely hanging daybed which I am madly, utterlydesperately in love with. It. Is. So. Dreamy.

Hanging day bed - porch swing - Carlton Landing lake house -

Every lake house needs a pretty daybed, amiright? There’s just something about that gentle swaying in the breeze. Yum.  My custom mattress I ordered should be in today or tomorrow and then it won’t look so crazy like it does right now with pillows hither and yon. And it’s hotter than heck right now so we’re only outside on the porch either early in the morning or into the evening hours. But I anticipate HOURS spent lolling around with a book on that thing. Even Simon’s in love.


The other big project I had done for me was the transformation of this little nook by the back door into something way more functional. It seemed to me that having a series of floating shelves would be a far better use of space than what was there previously. I’m still in the midst of arranging everything on the shelves but I’m super pleased with how it turned out. They fit the scale of the room perfectly.

Carlton Landing lake house -


And it’s sad to say it, but I’m equally as excited about my new Nespresso Inissia machine. After I got a Nespresso Citiz from a friend a couple of years ago, I’ve ditched the Keurig and never looked back.  I am OBSESSED with it. But the key component to this whole espresso thing is the frother: I have a Breville that I use at our OKC house, but for the lake house I ordered the Inissia machine (since it’s so small) and it came with an Aeroccino frother. I like it so far, but I keep overfilling the darn thing and getting milk all over the counter. So I’m still figuring it out. But love love love nonetheless.

Carlton Landing lake house -


I’ve also been tackling a handful of projects that I’ve been meaning to do. I completely cleaned out the pantry as I hadn’t really messed with it in the two years we’ve owned the house (shameful!). And I’m also on a mission to clean out our bathroom cabinets too as they’re full of random stuff that’s accumulated, both from us and from renters.

The master bedroom got rearranged and it feels fresh and new. Naturally there’s Jude eating a peanut butter sandwich. #crumbsinmybed

Carlton Landing lake house -

I also hung the Land of Nod mirror in our room that was previously in the boys’ room. Its cuteness was being totally wasted in there – boys don’t need a mirror! And I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t do a wider dresser in here. We could use the storage.

Again. Jude with a sandwich. In my bed. What the heck, kid?

Carlton Landing lake house -


And otherwise, we’re spending our days eating, baking cookies, taking long naps, wandering up and down the boardwalk early in the morning and late into the evening golden hours.

Carlton Landing lake house -

We have a brand new park at the end of our street complete with picnic tables, just right for babies who love to climb on everything.

pencil shavings studio carlton landing-17

And because there’s so many houses going up around us, that means plenty of cool construction vehicles for truck-loving little boys.

pencil shavings studio carlton landing-16

Speaking of trucks, I don’t know whose this is, but isn’t it the cutest thing ever?pencil shavings studio carlton landing-3

And with new grass in new parks comes a gigantic sprinkler for loads of fun at the end of a hot summer day.pencil shavings studio carlton landing-21

Summer, maybe you’re not so bad after all.

pencil shavings studio carlton landing-8

with love,

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