Hooky & Other Adventures

hooky day-5

This is a crazy week for us as we are having all the things done to our master bedroom over the next few days. And later this afternoon, because I’m a glutton for punishment, we’re also having a family photo taken. Which is code for Stress Level Defcon 2 (imminent nuclear war).

hooky day-6

We’re having wood floors laid in there, which means all the furniture has to be out of the master bedroom. So I lugged the ginormously heavy Tempurpedic mattress into the living room and set up our bed right smack in the middle of the room. Because I’m crazy.  As one does, right? Because what else are we going to do?! I vacuumed the nasty nasty nasty carpet (GAG) and said good riddance. We’ll basically be out of our room for a week, living like fancy squatters in the formal living room.

hooky day-7

Yesterday I decided it was time for a mental health day for Jude and all of us, really. So I let him stay home from school. Simon, naturally, thought this was crazy, and maybe it kind of was.

hooky day

But it was fun. And much needed time alone with my Numero Uno boy without the distraction of baby brother. We worked together on his service project for school that’s due next week. They’re supposed to do something nice anonymously for someone and write about it. Jude wanted to make baked goodies for the firemen. A cake mix was procured, and we set to baking the most colorful little two layer cake you ever did see.

hooky day-2

hooky day-3

I love nothing more on the planet than kid handwriting and spelling. It is the best.

hooky day-4

Afterwards, we ate lunch at Chickfila like we did when he was little (INSIDE — such a treat, haha). We wandered around the mall, looked at the Lego store, and ogled the sneakers at Foot Locker. As you do when you’re 8 years old.

The rest of the day was a happy blur. We picked up Archer from mother’s day out and as we came home, we found a big bucket of paint tipped over mysteriously in the garage. So sticky wet white paint. Everywhere.

I take the baby inside and put him in the big bed now in the living room. Where he begins to throw up copious amounts of lunch EVERYWHERE. All over the clean sheets. So I strip him down, throw everything into the washing machine and put the baby in the kitchen sink. Simon then walks in the door to mayhem, naturally.

I then proceeded to clean up the nasty mess of paint (kitty litter for the win!), figure out something for dinner, run to a committee meeting for our neighborhood home tour, and come home to fall into bed.

So say a prayer for me and send a large iced tea, if you please.

And maybe also cookies.



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