Pattern love: blue camouflage

Pattern love: Blue Camouflage

Hi internet. My name is Rachel, and I like camouflage. Specifically blue camouflage.

There. I said it. (And somewhere my husband is snickering.) I think maybe it started with Jude when he started asking for camo gear. Although to be fair, his version of camo is definitely more Duck Dynasty than J.Crew. But I’m discovering that this is a fun and versatile pattern that adds a little texture and unexpected style to your winter look.  See? You don’t have to be a doomsday prepper to love camo!

Definitely don’t wear it head to toe. Let it be just a little pop of pattern. And maybe the version of this print I love the most is when it’s done in a different colorway, like a preppy navy. Here are some favorite picks for every person in the family (I have the Splendid thermal leggings and I LURVE THEM).


  1.   Splendid little boy’s shirt
  2.    Bow tie
  3.    Toddler camouflage pants from Baby Gap
  4.    Navy Camouflage Men’s Tie
  5.     Splendid Woodbury Thermal Leggings
  6.    JCrew Factory Boys Camouflage Pants

And for you pattern history buffs, a history of US camouflage here.


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