5 Things This Week

The weekend is upon us and in this particular season, that means Saturdays=basketball. Jude is obsessed with basketball. He lives, eats, breathes, talks basketball. And the amount of basketball cards littering our home? I could wallpaper the entire living room in them. I find them in the most inconvenient of times, like when I pulled one out of my wallet  the other day while trying to pay for them. Sorry, ma’am, but Michael Jordan can’t cover your costs for that bagel sandwich.Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

We’re also out of school for Monday and celebrating Archer’s first(!) birthday on Tuesday. WHAAAT?! Birth story to come on Tuesday, by the way. Don’t you love birth stories? I can’t get enough of them. I’m also re-binge watching Call the Midwife on Netflix because I’m feeling nostalgic for what I was doing at this time last year.


1. Games you can play with your toddler while lying down. Hilarious.

pink china cabinet pencil shavings studio

2.Gorgeous chic home tour – and the bunk room? Divine

its a small world wall paint - mary blair - pencil shavings studio -

3. A crazy awesome Mary Blair-inspired paint job #itsasmallworld

4. I’m obsessed with this pattern lately.

5. New favorite podcast is How to Do Everything. Funny, interesting, and it will give you loads to talk about at cocktail parties.