BHG Style Spotters: Designing a gallery wall around your TV


I’m finally (FINALLY!) getting my TV mounted in the family room this week, which leaves me stuck with what to do with the rest of the wall. I kind of got started on a gallery wall as you can see above, but it’s not there yet. I need some larger art to balance out the GINORMOUS TV.

Let’s talk about TVs for a minute or two. Remember when we used to hide our big boxy televisions in armoires? So 90s, right? And frankly, those TVs weren’t worth keeping on display all the time as they were so visually bulky, not to mention crazy heavy if you ever tried to lift one. Now that flatscreen TVs are ubiquitous, they’re far more likely to be on display at all times. They’re becoming¬†more like a piece of art, especially since they’re wall mountable.

Check out the rest of my post at BHG on TV gallery walls and to see some fab inspiration shots…

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