5 Things This Weekend

One of my goals for this year is nourishing my creative side. I picked up a calligraphy starter set from Janna Wilson and over Christmas break, I started practicing. I’m woefully scratchy but I’ve already seen a major improvement from my first little chicken scratches. I’ve really enjoyed practicing my hand lettering skills (woefully scratchy, I must say).

Speaking of creativity, have you heard of Skillshare? I stumbled on it via Joanna Goddard – it’s an online learning community where you can take a wide variety of classes in a ton of different disciplines. Classes are taught by some pretty amazing creatives (I’m particularly stoked about typographer/designer Jessica Hische‘s class on hand lettering). I’m also wanting to take some classes on writing too. Anyway, it’s definitely worth checking out. Pssst – Use my code pencilshavings99 or click the link here and take advantage of Skillshare‘s limited-time promotion: 3 months Premium access to over 2,000 classes for just $0.99!


1. Momastery wrote an amazing post on 3 rules for living a creative life. A must-read.

2. Joni Lay’s kitchen makeover with the Home Depot is perfection.

3. A Beautiful Mess‘s new photo editing app for your iPhone is fun and colorful (right up my alley!).

a color story a beautiful mess app pencil shavings studio -

4. Well great. Now I’m gonna have to go have another baby because Oh Joy’s nursery collection for Target is beyond adorable. Gahhhh

Oh Joy for Target nursery collection -

5. If you’re scared of glitter, do not – I repeat, DO NOT – click on this. You’ve been warned. (How do they even do this?! Or get it out once they take the shot?!)

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