Archer: 12 Months Old & A First Birthday Party



Last Tuesday my baby turned one, and my heart broke just a tiny bit. We celebrated on the day-of with cake for the four of us but then the following Saturday, we had the grandparents and cousins and extended family over for (another) cake. Because cake cake cake.

Overall, I kept it way more simple than I did with Jude’s 1st birthday (where I handcrafted puppets for days prior to the party. Let’s all have a collective eye roll at That Mom that I was before). It was cake that I picked up from a bakery, goldfish crackers, popcorn, and iced tea. The end. Maybe I’m having a rebellious attitude towards overblown kid parties (which, admittedly, I LOVE pinning on Pinterest) but simple was the name of the game here.

Archer First Birthday-3 Archer First Birthday-4

Jude is largely MIA from these pictures because he was at a Thunder basketball thing with his boy scout buddies, and didn’t get in until midway through the party. And once he arrived, he was outside shooting hoops again. Basketball=life.

Archer First Birthday-5

Waiting expectantly. He looked suspicious when I brought him downstairs from his nap only to find every relative he has ever known staring at him. It was like a scene from an intervention. Except there was cake. (As an aside, might serving cake make interventions go more smoothly? Just a thought?)Archer First Birthday-6

And naturally I bought him a ridiculous party hat which he refused to wear. This is the one lone existing shot of the hat being worn.

Archer First Birthday-7

Loves: Daddy, brother, basketball, his stuffed animals Foxy and Lion, his bottle (can’t stop, won’t stop), bathtime, mashed potatoes (absolute favorite), pulling everything out of the kitchen cabinets, dumping Nickels’ water bowl out and smashing it, and escaping to the stairs as much as possible.

I feel like we’re mere minutes away from him walking. He’s started standing up and promptly sitting right back down. Oh, and he loves standing on the yellow chair in the playroom.

Archer Kokos Nest blankets-3

A few stats: Archer is officially off the chart for his height and head circumference which makes me continually grateful to have had a scheduled csection. Ha! And he is in the 80th percentile for his weight. He’s currently wearing 12-18 month clothes, but I have a feeling we’ll be bumping up into the 18-24 month category here shortly.Archer Kokos Nest blankets-9

Every single day I am so thankful for this baby’s life. I am SO glad we get to be parents to both Archer and Jude. Gosh we’re lucky.