Archer’s First Christmas

I’m sure I’m not the only mother out there who sighs deeply in relief once all the Christmas craziness is over. Baby’s first Christmas is a big deal and I wanted to do it right and absorb it all.  But now that we’re done, I now feel like I’m on vacation as we enter the last week of Christmas break.

Nearly everything about this Christmas was lovely and filled with joy and light. We had 3 Christmases, more or less: my parents (my mom is finally home from the hospital and her rehab stay!), my in-laws, and then with my birth mom and family. It was calm, relaxed, and fun. I baked oodles of the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls, my grandmother’s sausage balls, my favorite pumpkin bread recipe, these colossal claus cookies from Sharing Thyme, and in short, consumed more butter than I ever want to know about. Simon was pretty sure I was trying to kill us all with butter (but what a way to go, amiright?!).


Star Wars with Jude and my father-in-law and lunch at Pops in Nichols Hills Plaza

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The only existing photo of the two boys on Christmas morning.

Christmas break pencil shavings studio-10

Loads of baby snuggles for his first Christmas.

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Pretty ceramic measuring cups and spoons from Simon along with this adorable spoon rest.

Christmas break pencil shavings studio-13
Jude’s cry of indignation when I said “Look at what Dad got for Christmas!” and showed him Simon on an electric red scooter. He then quickly figured out I was kidding and that it’s for him.  My favorite part was squealing with Jude about his new scooter and riding down the street with him Christmas morning to Grandma Jo’s to show it off (Simon’s grandmother lives in our neighborhood).

Christmas break pencil shavings studio-11
Going to the movies with Simon’s grandma to see Sisters. Soooo inappropriately funny. 😉

Christmas break pencil shavings studio-4
Archer’s squeals of delight once he started figuring out what was going on with this whole Christmas thing

Elf jammies

Christmas break pencil shavings studio-6

Call me elf one more time…

Christmas break pencil shavings studio-5

Christmas break pencil shavings studio-8

Christmas break pencil shavings studio-2  Christmas break pencil shavings studio-3    Christmas break pencil shavings studio-9 Christmas break pencil shavings studio


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