What to wear on a plane

Remember a few months back when I posted about my own personal #getdressed challenge? The goal is to get out of my style rut and not resort to yoga pants or my go-to jeans.  And also to also push my own style a little bit. I know how to get dressed up for a dinner or for church, so the goal is to come up with different scenarios and find stylish ways to put together a look around them.  So I’ve put together a series of posts on what to wear for certain situations (because I could definitely use some inspiration right now!)

Get the look: what to wear on a plane instead of leggings to be comfy -

Next week Simon and I are headed to Los Angeles at the crack of dawn. And Lord knows airport fashion is, well, pretty awful. So here’s an outfit that’s as comfortable as leggings but a little more pulled together. And the accessories are kept simple because let’s face it – having to disrobe almost entirely at security (gee, thanks, terrorists) isn’t making travel any easier. By the way, the jeans are from Loft, and they are INSANELY soft and comfy. They’re loose enough to be like boyfriend jeans but still fitted enough to make you feel pulled together.

  1. JCrew sweater
  2. Loft jeans
  3. Tory Burch scarf
  4. Sunnies pouch
  5. Trench jacket
  6. Bando Charger
  7. Striped Kate Spade carryon
  8. Sugarpaper Notepad
  9. Coach shoes ( mega sale )
  10. Laundry bags


Let me know any good Los Angeles recs in the comments. It’s been a few years since we’ve been, and I’m always interested to check out new stuff!