Friday Finds

waiting on martha styled bedroom with hedgehouse accessories


Don’t you love this gorgeous bedroom styled by Waiting on Martha? I found it via my sweet stylish friend Emily McCarthy (that’s her fabric on the headboard!). Can’t get enough of those striped Hedgehouse pillows and throws.

This week I was gifted with a Nespresso machine from friend Allison Barta Bailey. I hastily Amazon Prime’d (yes, it’s a verb) some pods and now I’m staring at it wondering how to begin. And naturally I’m going to need some cute cups because of course. Recommendations for good pods and cute cups requested, s’il vous plait.


Instagram cleaned up their browser-based site, and I like the look.

I want to design a whole room around this Worlds Away coffee table. And another room w/ this chair.

Made me laugh.

I have been a secret Birkenstock fan for years, and now I’m really jonesing for these in the antique lace colorway. HIPPIE SHOES 4EVA.

Found this line on Instagram and I’m in love. Designed by a former Project Runway star.


A difficult – but riveting – read by Ann Voskamp. I couldn’t put it down.

I love Ashley’s blog. I feel like she and I would be buddies in real life.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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