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One of my biggest concerns about having another baby was the spacing between kids. Once all my friends started having their second, third, sometimes fourth baby, I felt like I’d been somewhat left behind. What did they know that I didn’t, when it came to sibling ages? Had we totally missed the boat? Would we do irreparable damage? Would they ever be close? I feel silly when I say any of that out loud.

But still. These thoughts and more fluttered through my prenatal and now postpartum brain. There’s always that person whose eyebrows raise when you say “yeah, they’re seven years apart.”



Yeah, well, that wasn’t exactly how we intended it, but creating life isn’t exactly in our control as much as we’d think it is, is it? In the end, the timing is perfect, exactly as it was meant to be. I watch them now, my two little birds here in my nest. A seven year old redhead and a baldy little squishy. They eye each other from across the backseat in the car. Archer can’t take his eyes off of his big brother and my heart squeezes.

My mother heart is bolstered by what feels like a divine placement of other mothers in my life. Mothers whose children are spaced exactly seven years apart, and I feel like it’s God’s way of saying, “I know your concern. Let me comfort it.”  I find encouragement in the other mothers who have walked this road before me and can say, “everything will turn out fine.”


Vana Chupp of Le Papier Studio is one of those women. I crossed paths with her work years ago when Simon gave me a gift certificate to her shop.  Then in that fun way that the internet works, we’ve connected again and again on Instagram (isn’t it the best?).  She reached out and said she wanted to send me one of her lasercut necklaces with the boys’ silhouettes on them, and would I please send her two profile shots of the boys? Yes, and yes.


And a couple of weeks later, the most beautiful little package arrived at my doorstep. Her packaging and branding is spot-on, but when I opened up the box, I squealed. There are Jude and Archer’s precious little profiles, perfectly rendered. 2015-05-01-16.36.54

I haven’t taken the necklace off since, and Jude has enjoyed sitting next to me and looking at his little profile. I’m amazed at the detail, even in such a tiny shape. It’s clearly, undeniably Jude and Archer!


Vana has graciously offered up a $75 gift card to get your own silhouette necklace! Enter by following Le Papier Studio and Pencil Shavings Studio on Instagram and entering your info in the Rafflecopter widget below. You can learn more about Le Papier Studio here and check out all the gorgeous personalized gifts she offers.  Thanks so much, Vana!

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