Sad Day. Coco has run away.

2014-10-05 17.22.39

I have such sad news, friends. Coco, one half of the dynamic duo of the Poopies, ran away on Sunday. He escaped from a tiny space in between our fence and gate in the backyard. He was gone a good 10 minutes before we realized he wasn’t still in the backyard with Jude. He did not have his collar on, but he is microchipped.  I don’t like putting our personal information out on the internet, but I’m hoping that someone somewhere in NW Oklahoma City has seen him. I’m hopeful that someone just picked him up because they thought it was weird that such a tiny dog would be out roaming alone.

Please please please contact us if you know anything about him. He is greatly beloved by all of us. Nickels is despondent and cried all night because he just doesn’t know what to do without Coco. And I don’t blame him one bit.  I’ve blitzed the neighborhood with posters, called all the local vets, and posted on a bunch of internet boards and Facebook pages.

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