My Childhood Home

When I went away to college, I remember eavesdropping on fellow freshmen conversations about the way their parents had altered the family home significantly now that one of the birds had left the nest. “They converted my room to an office!” one would mourn. Another friend would sagely remark, “You can never go home, you know?”

And while to some extent that is philosophically true, I knew that physically that was not going to happen to my parents’ house. Ever ever ever. My childhood home is a testament to time and the power of carefully-chosen,  high quality pieces. Built in 1981 when I was born, they requested the entire house be recreated down to the last detail of their old house that was designed by a local decorator whose style would probably now be termed Hollywood Regency.  My mother’s favorite colors were/are kelly green and royal blue (although now she leans decidedly more blue) and the house is a gorgeously coordinated collection of contrasting patterns in her favorite color scheme. The carpet is as gorgeous today as it was when they laid it 30 – yes! 30! – years ago.

I know I’ve talked about my undying love for my parents’ house here on the blog, but there’s a lot more people who are viewing the blog now than a few years back. I figured you guys might enjoy a petit tour of all the things that I love about this house. The things that make it home – even now that we’re all grown up and have left the nest.


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