Prepping the Baby’s Room

Designing the nursery: for boys or girls

Now that I’m almost 19 weeks along and we’re getting closer to figuring out what flavor this baby is going to be (boy? girl?), I’ve been spinning my wheels on what to do about the nursery.  Over the summer my assistant showed up and in a tizzy stood in the spare bedroom (aka, the potential location for the next episode of Hoarders) and said, “And just when are we going to get all this junk cleaned out of here?” Which was followed up a week later by my housekeeper standing in the same spot and saying pretty much the exact same thing. I think we also tossed around the phrase “it’s like a consignment shop up here” too.

Come to think of it, I might also be a candidate for the Intervention show too. WHEEEE! I COULD BE ON TV, Y’ALL!

So it pains me to do so but here is the, erm, before of what will be the baby’s room. It used to be pretty (see here) and now it is this:

The nursery: before.

The plan of attack is this:

  1.   Clean out the room (obvs)
  2.   Make all the old stuff go away.
  3.   Figure out if this kid is male or female.
  4.   Paint the room.
  5.   Pick out furniture.
  6.   Have the baby.

Which leads me to the ever-burning question of what to do about the nursery design itself?  I know I want the walls to be white, with maybe some kind of colorful accent. And I know I also want to get rid of the boob light on the ceiling. But from there, here’s a few ideas I have circulating depending on the gender. Confession: if it’s a girl, I don’t know that I can resist the urge to pink it up in there somehow. I KNOW. I KNOW. I’m so not a fan of the only-going-the-pink-or-blue route when it comes to nurseries.

Nursery design: orange you glad mood board


  1.   Hudson Crib (great price)
  2.   Biscuit home crib sheets
  3.   Hooray Today Tiger print 
  4.   Delta lamp in Pumpkin
  5.   Andersen 6-drawer Dresser
  6.   Milo Glider
  7.   Wren & Rumor Blanket
  8.   Shelves
  9.   Pouf
  10.   Big Band Rug by Land of Nod


Nursery design: Citrus Squeeze mood board. Nursery for baby girl.


  1.  Hooray Today Art prints
  2.  Hudson Crib
  3.  Lemon crib sheet at Land of Nod
  4.  Border Sham by Biscuit Home
  5.  Hot pink lamp
  6.  Milo Glider
  7.  Campaign dresser
  8.  After the Rain rug by Land of Nod
  9.  Mobile

Nursery design: British bouquet mood board for baby girl


  1.   Stripe pillow
  2.   British bouquet pillow
  3.   Trellis pillow
  4.   Hadley Crib
  5.   Rita Ortloff painting
  6.   Jonathan Adler lamp
  7.   Campaign dresser (found)
  8.   Milo Glider
  9.   Gold pouf
  10.   DwellStudio Kimono Rosette baskets

The main thing is that I want to get this done as expediently as possible. Because Jude was 7 weeks early, we had NOTHING ready for him. The crib hadn’t arrived yet and the room at our old house was full of shower presents and a mishmash of things that needed to go away.  And even though I don’t think that that whole preeclampsia scenario is going to happen again, I really would like to have everything done. Nesting overdrive, if you will.

So do you have a favorite? I think I do – although I love elements of all three. And I’m sure this isn’t a final draft by any means.


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