In my bag, featuring Hayden Reis

Summer by the water -

We’re fast approaching the end of Jude’s summer break, but we still have lots of pool and lake days ahead of us. And my go-to tote bag for this season has been this nautical sailcloth bag by Hayden Reis.  I’m really loving that it’s pretty much indestructible, and has plenty of pockets for sunscreen, goggles, magazines, snacks – you name it. I’m also thinking they would make for a perfect diaper bag, too, if you’re looking for something cute and casual.

Here’s what I’ve been toting around all summer long.

Prep for time by the water with Hayden Reis -

  1. Hayden Reis beach totes
  2. Turkish towel (similar)
  3. Honest sunscreen
  4. Fresh sugar lip balm in cherry
  5. Aladdin mason tumbler

I think I’ve talked about them before, but I’m obsessed with turkish towels. I’ve bought them from Ebay and sites like Gilt or Fab, and I love how big they are. They’re pretty thin – don’t expect your typical fluffy terry towel – but I like that they’re absorbent and then that they dry quickly. They also double as a pretty nice little sarong in a pinch.

Honest’s sunscreen is my go-to now. It doesn’t irritate Jude’s eczema-prone skin (which is huge), and I like how moisturizing and thick it is. I took a few tubes with us on our Disney cruise over spring break, and have been buying it ever since. They also have a new spray-on version that I haven’t tried yet, but would be equally interested in.

Fresh’s sugar lip balm comes in a variety of shades that offer just the right amount of tint. Uber-moisturizing and uber-flattering. You can’t go wrong.

Finally, I fell in love with Aladdin’s mason jar tumblers when my friend Erin showed up with one at the Carlton Landing pool. I’ve only found the mini tumblers at Walmart, but check out their website (link above) for the full range of products.

Thanks for the fab tote, Hayden Reis!