Back to school, pregnancy updates, West Elm and more

Oh you guys. I have so much I want to write about! I’ve basically been holding my breath over here until school started yesterday so I could finally get back into a regular routine.

So let’s chat about what’s been going on over here – because I have been a busy bee.


1. School is in session
We officially survived the summer, even though I feel like I did nothing but nap and throw up thanks to baby #2 (I still can’t believe I’m actually typing that!). My darling redheaded boy started first grade yesterday, complete with his newly beloved KD Nike shoes and socks. (Let us not talk about how difficult it was to track down KD shoes. Or socks. Also, Jude is very much convinced that KD’s mom made the socks. HA!) First grade holds a special place in my heart – that’s where SImon and I met in Miss Bushey’s class back in 1987. Jude’s teacher is precious, and I think he’s ready to get back into the swing of things.

He also enters first grade minus one front tooth. After what feels like 18 years of wiggling, he finally pulled it out last week. Oh how I love that little snaggletooth grin. And all those freckles.


2. 16 Weeks
I’m officially 16 weeks pregnant! And I’m happy to say that I’m finally feeling back to my old self, although, erm, larger. This go around has bee waaaay harder than I remember it being with Jude. The fatigue has been killer, and the morning sickness was 10x worse. But I can’t complain – the nausea, fatigue, and all the things that go with it were major comforts to this worried mama’s heart. So time marches on, and hopefully soon we will find out what this little baby is going to be. What do you think? Boy or girl?

I’m also obsessed with two things right now: Storq (OMG, the softest maternity tees, leggings, etc.) and my ginormous Snoogle pregnancy pillow. Faaabulous.


Pencil Shavings Studio at West Elm in Oklahoma City

3. Pencil Shavings Studio at West Elm
I was contacted a month or so back by the fantastic buyers at West Elm about being a part of the two new Oklahoma stores (in OKC and in Tulsa, respectively) with West Elm Local. In many of the WE stores around the country, they’re partnering with local makers to bring a selection of their goods into the stores. OKC, you’ll find a selection of art prints, trays, pencils, and washi tape. And in Tulsa in a few weeks, you’ll find pencils and washi tape. Wheee!  We attended the big grand opening party on Wednesday night and I couldn’t have been happier. Everything looked so cute – I love how the pencils and tape are displayed in the giant Ball jars!

Pencil Shavings Studio Sprinkles Medium Lucite Tray with crazy stripe iPhone case -

4. NEW NEW NEW in the shop!

My second trimester energy surge has begun and I’m feeling wildly creative. I told Dad on the phone the other day that I’ve accomplished SOOOO MUCH in the past week – way more than I’ve done all summer long. I’ve been adding some fun new patterns and prints to the shop, and retiring some old ones. I’ve also been working on some fab new gold foil prints and trays that have been recently listed. Hop over and shop it up!

Pencil Shavings Studio lucite trays!


Fun with the new Cricut Explore -

5. Cricut Explore

Finally, over the next few months I’m partnering with Cricut to show you some fun DIY projects with their Cricut Explore machine. You guys, I haven’t been so excited about a new gadget in a long time. It’s a die-cutting machine and it can cut custom shapes out of practically anything. ANYTHING. I’ve been making all kinds of fun things – and I’ll share my first project with you all next week!

Happy weekend and I’ll see you here Monday!


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