A few things, summer edition


We’re entering the third week of summer break, and I have to admit that I’m super DUPER happy that it’s Vacation Bible School this week. This mama is about to lose her marbles with all this free(!) and relaxed(!) unstructured(!) time. The other day when I told Jude I had to get some work done before we could go do anything else, he says to me huffily “Summer is about fun, not doing work.” That’s when I doubled over in laughter. I texted my friend Susan and we heehawed that our kids really believe summer vacation is supposed to be, like, an actual vacation!  If only, dear little redhead. If ONLY. Enjoy being a kid while you can.

The past few weeks have been a total blur between getting moved in at the lake house and also dealing with health issues on both sides of our extended families.Work has suffered, housework has suffered – we’re getting by. There has been ridiculous amounts of movies and Minecraft. I cannot wrestle my iPad Mini away from Jude (thus, any summer reading I was hoping for is not happening).  And we are failing miserably at our 100 Snowcones of Summer challenge.

2014-05-31 14.22.06-1

But despite this, we have made many trips to the pool, and I made good on my promise to get Jude his very own library card which was met with great joy and excitement. We left the library with umpteen books about the Titanic (of course) and an Indiana Jones DVD.

So we carry on — but know that I enjoyed every last minute of my 3 solitary hours on this first day of VBS. Now the real question is: what will we do with the rest of the day?


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