Jude and the Titanic

Jude the Dude

Not too long after our spring break Disney cruise, Jude and I were having dinner at a local Mexican restaurant where a TV was on in the corner playing everybody’s favorite 90s classic of doom and destruction, Titanic.  Unlike my contemporaries who saw it in the movie theater 10 times and more, I’ve only seen it maybe two or three times. I just can’t deal with how it all ends, ya know?

So. We’re sitting at dinner and Jude catches a glimpse of the movie just at the pivotal point where the ship hits the iceberg (can I just say how glad I am that it was after the part where they get it on in the car? or the boobs shot?! UGH).  And Jude is FASCINATED. Like jaw dropped open, completely agog.

“MOM. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!” he asks dramatically in a hushed voice.

“Ugh. Yes.”  Then I try to redirect the conversation, which was a no-go. I mean, we just got off of a cruise. This has to be terrifying to a little kid, right? But he couldn’t let it drop.

“Wait. You’re saying this was REAL? THIS REALLY HAPPENED.”

“Uhh, well, this was a movie made by a man named James Cameron…”

“James Cameron. YES. We must find this man!

I literally had to drag him out the door of the restaurant because he wanted to stay to see the end of it. Listen kid, I can tell you how it’s going to end, and it isn’t good.

Ever since then, he’s been a man obsessed. He’s brought home books from the school library all about it, and has begged to see the movie again and again (this is where I draw the line – no matter how much I love Leo). Frankly I’m halfway surprised that he isn’t totally horrified at the idea of getting on a ship again at some point. Or me – because now I know way more than I ever wanted to know too. (Did you know it had a heated swimming pool?).

So I guess the whole point of this is, if you ever need someone on your Trivial Pursuit: Titanic Edition team, you should definitely call Jude.


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