Easter 2014 Weekend

Lawrence McRae vase -

Aaaaaaand yet again I have somehow completely managed to overlook the fact that J has no school from today until next Tuesday (ermm, Easter break, anyone???). It’s like all of a sudden the schoolyear has these potholes of days off right at the end. So.  A nice long Easter weekend for us.

Mini Lucite Trays for Mother's Day!

Speaking of holidays, Mother’s Day is approaching, so hop on the gift bandwagon now. The mini lucite trays are totally customizable and make the perfect present. We’re doing a lot of them as bridesmaids’ gifts and shower hostess presents, so convo us on Etsy for quantity discounts.

Chihuahuas In the Afternoon - www.pencilshavingsstudio.comOn Wednesday, we tagged along with Simon to a house showing in Norman, and then went to dinner on Campus Corner at my all-time favorite Mexican restaurant. In college, my fellow OU VisComm students and I would go eat a plate of enchiladas for $6.25 twice a week. And as I sat there the other night I realized it has been 10 years since I graduated which kind of blows my mind. I think college student me would be proud of ten-years-into-my-career- Me.  But OMG that went fast.  Also, every single college kid down there looked like a dirty hippie. Are girls into that nowadays? Also, am I 90 years old? I mean, Simon went through his hippie phase  too (LONG HAIR OMG HAHAHAHAHA) but he never looked as bad as these guys. OY.

The poopies are now famous and are receiving gifts. Last week they got a half a dozen donut squeaky toys from the North American Bear Co. people who also sent Jude the cutest Tattly tattoo dolls (words you never think you’ll say, amiright?). Donuts and tattoos, all over the house.

Nickels gets some donuts Nickels-with-donuts

That’s about it for this weekend! See you next week with some fun new posts including a partnership with Minted!  Happy Easter, everyone!


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