Remember when Simon had long hair?

Last night I was perusing my 360+ pages of photos on Flickr when I stumbled on these pics of us from circa 2001.  It was right after Christmas, and my family had gone on vacation to San Diego. We were BABIES.  Absolute babies. Apparently I was in a brunette era (I went through a brief phase of dyeing my hair a variety of shades – red, brown, blonde).

And Simon? He was YANNI.  I mean, c’mon. Check out that glossy man-Pantene hair! It was fabulous!

Young'uns at the W Hotel, San Diego 2002

I also love these photos because my nephews were so tiny. I think Ben was probably around Jude’s age here.

Chilling at the W Hotel

This post has absolutely nothing to do with anything at all, but I couldn’t help but post it.  I love finding old photos. 🙂



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