New to the shop: Washi Tape! YES!

New in the shop! Pencil Shavings Studio washi tape


Do you ever have a really good secret? Something you can’t wait to share? That’s how it’s been the past couple of months with my brand new washi tape that I designed for the shop. I am so crazy excited about this – I mean, I am kind of obsessed with washi tape. I’ve even used it on my walls, for Pete’s sake.

So it feels like the perfect fit to design up a few fun patterns and have them made for me. I think you guys are going to love them too. I’m super thrilled with the quality — we’ve been having tons of fun using them on art projects, paper goods, and – yes – our walls too. In the next few weeks I’m working on a post showing some other fun ways to use it. So in the meantime, stock up on all the washi tape. There’s three different designs for $5.25 a roll, or you can purchase the set of 3 for $15.

New in the shop! Pencil Shavings Studio washi tape

Got any fun ways that you like to use washi tape? I’d love to hear it!

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