Well hello there!

Welcome to Pencil Shavings Studio -

I thought I might do a quick hello post since we’re having a big traffic spike from the BHG Blogger Awards, which means lots of new readers. Hello, new friends! I’m so glad you’re here. Of course you can check out the About page for all the details, but I wanted to chitchat a little bit here too.

A few months ago we were at a party when I was kind of stumped by this question: “So, I see everything that you’re doing, but I don’t understand it exactly. Just what is it that you do again?”

Turns out I didn’t know exactly how to answer him because there’s no one single moniker that I can adopt. Trained as a graphic designer, with a dabbling in fashion, I design a line of paper, home and tech accessories and I blog about our lives. I also continue to nurse a pretty extravagant passion for interiors and fashion, so there’s that too, to boot. And I also continue to offer branding and photo styling in all my spare time (that’s a joke – the spare time part, that is).

I’ve written on identity before (this was a popular post) and it continues to ring true to me.  I’m not just a graphic designer, not just a blogger. Not just a color fiend, not just a decorator.  Can’t we all relate to that? None of us are single-faceted or “just” anything. That’s what makes us fascinating — the contrast. What’s at the heart of what I do? A simple love of beauty, color, and design. I want you to fall as madly in love with color as I have and to enjoy the bumps along my road with me. I want you to feel joy when you look at what I’m creating because I’m blooming exactly where my Creator planted me. I’ve found my sweet spot here in my little pocket of the universe and my hope is that you can feel encouraged when you come here.

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