Roadtrip: Eufaula, Oklahoma



On Saturday, we took a little family roadtrip two hours east of Oklahoma City to Lake Eufaula.  Of course, no good roadtrip is complete without sustenance. In this case, freshly squeezed cherry limeades from Braum’s.


It's all about that pink straw. Cherry limeade time

Little redhead. Eufaula, Oklahoma


In particular, we were headed to Eufaula to check out the new development called Carlton Landing that a friend of ours told us about.   A masterfully-planned community based on the idea of New Urbanism, Carlton Landing is in its early phases but already hints of the great things to come.  Communities like Seaside in Florida are examples of New Urbanism.  In researching what this whole idea was all about, I think that Mouzon Design described it best:

“Not every house is 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths,  and 2,200 square feet. Some are much larger, while others are much smaller. This diversity mirrors that which occurs in the best old towns, where executives, employees, teachers, firefighters, and police can all live in the same neighborhood. It is even possible, in places like this, for your children to be able to afford to live in your neighborhood when they get out of college because the value spread is so great in the best traditional neighborhoods. Conventional wisdom has it that less expensive homes bring down the value of more expensive homes nearby. This is true in suburbia. As a result, conventional subdivisions have a mind-numbing sameness of size and price.”

Interesting idea, huh?  I really appreciate the idea of community and, well, walkability.

When we came down the road and turned onto the main drag, both Simon and I were delightfully surprised to see this lovely structure after over a mile of trees.  Behind it, a grand main street with new construction popping up along its thoroughfare.  I am kicking myself that I didn’t pull out my good camera for these photos.  These are all punky little iPhone pix.  Boo hiss.

Carlton Landing.




The cottage-style lover in me was in heaven.  The architecture in Carlton Landing is inspired by the traditional American farmhouse. And the quality of the construction was impressive as well.

Check out this cute New Orleans-esque courtyard with the house set back from the street. And those doors that open up on a patio? Yes.



Transom windows everywhere.





Lots of  tongue & groove paneling, etc.  Tall, tall ceilings.


I’m extremely interested to see how this community will progress. I’ve never been to Seaside, but my sister’s family goes every year and we always sigh over the charming photographs of pretty little bungalows. To think that we might have something similar only 2 hours away is really exciting.   Good things are happening in Oklahoma.

Afterwards, it was off to dinner overlooking the lake at the Stuffed Olive in Eufaula town.  There was this feta hummus that was indescribably delicious. I am drooling right this second.

And what’s a trip to the lake if you can’t skip some rocks?


Back to the daily grind of this week. Not much on the agenda other than work and work and … well, work. Back later this week with new photos of new and exciting projects I can’t wait to show you!

with love,

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