Secret weapon: Jockey Skimmies. No, really.



Apologies in advance to all 2 of you male blog readers (erm, hi, Dad. hi, Simon). But today we’re going to talk about my new faaaaaaavorite (said in my Oprah voice) secret weapon.  I stumbled on Jockey Skimmies a few months ago while watching The Rachel Zoe Project and hopped on over to the Jockey website to see which items  RZ recommended, and was kind of surprised to see good ol’ bike shorts there.  Huh. (I’d say the ROI for the Jockey/RZ collab is pretty good right now, right? High fives to you guys.)

The Skimmies were touted as an alternative to wearing a slip and perfect for under tshirt dresses where you for SURE don’t want to see any VPL (that’s Visible Panty Lines for those of you living under a rock).

Now. Being a good old-fashioned Oklahoma girl who was raised right, I ALWAYS wear a slip underneath my short skirts and clingy dresses. VPL is NASTY, you guys. Tacky with a capital T.  And I for sure don’t want you to be able to see through my dresses. So I always wear a slip. Problem solved EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

BUT! Sometimes (and here’s where we’re going to get up close and personal) – especially in the humid and hot months – it’s just not comfy when you’re wearing those short skirts and dresses. Things start to,  erm, chafe. Especially if you’re walking around a bunch. OUCH. So I was really intrigued at the thought of a slipshort that wasn’t yucky shapewear. (As an aside, I am not a fan of shapewear – it’s constricting, uncomfy, and it makes you look like an unsexy nude Gumby. One time Simon walked in one me trying to get into Spanx and I nearly killed him dead right there on the spot. I think I screamed, “OMG GET OUT OF HERE!”).

A few days later, my delivery of (colorful, natch) Skimmies showed up, and I knew I was in heaven the minute I slipped them on.  I took them with me on vacation to humid sticky Florida, and never was bothered.  Additionally, they come in 2 versions: long and short. Both are fab, depending on what you need. Extra bonus that you can wear short skirts w/out worrying that your goodies are on display if/when you lean over.

I’m probably not going to give up my granny slips for certain garments, but in general, these are perfect for the summer months when I need a different solution.  (Ok, I’m curious – am I the only old-fashioned girl who still wears a slip?)

with love,

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