Shop Update: The Good Life


It’s kinda been a little bit of radio silence on the blog here this week because I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants accomplishing All The Things I Didn’t Do This Summer here in the first full week of school.  Today I’m en route to Dallas for the 2013 Stationery Academy, both session I and II (hold me).  So far this week, I met with Allison Bailey to talk about holiday Pop-Ups(!!!!!), my in-house printer died (hello $300 out of my bank account), I’m wrapping up the branding for two separate clients (oy),  andI also participated in another interview with the always so lovely Monica Lee (of Smart Creative Women fame) for her Smart Creative Style ecourse. Oh, and then the regular ol’ wife-ing, mother-ing, and shop running.Stripe-Shirts-2Gelato-2

So in the midst of all that, I also launched a new series of art prints at the shop that I am so super excited about – I’ve entitled it the Good Life Series. As I was sitting around brainstorming ideas for my pencils that I have made for the shop, I thought, “man, I’d love to have a line of cute prints that are kind of along the same lines as these pencils.”  All the fun things in life – things that make you smile or make you feel happy. It’s my favorite things, in a way — and I’ve got a billion more ideas for these. So I started designing  and printing them up and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My favorite is probably a three-way tie between the stripe t-shirt print, the gelato print, and the costume jewelry print.


These come in a variety of sizes and mediums; you can get them on paper or on canvas, and in two different sizes of each. Plus there’s a few more designs, as well as color options for each version, so let your little customization-loving heart go crazy!

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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