Week In Review


Welcome to Friday. Did you have a good week?

This was the official Spring Break for Jude’s school, and I gotta tell you, it was a crazy busy week here. I sometimes tend to take it for granted how much I can get done for work when Jude is in school because having him around full-time while I’m trying to get orders ready, shoot photos, etc. can be really tricky. Thank goodness for grandparents who live nearby! Stripe Table Setting with Starfish - www.pencilshavingsstudio.com

One of my biggest projects this week was to style a few photoshoots for a new client. I absolutely love styling – and this particular project was right up my alley (read: full of stripes, gold accents, and nautical touches!). I can’t show you the full shebang yet, but you can get a hint of it here.

Stripey Straws - www.pencilshavingsstudio.com


The other highlight of our week was being treated to a visit to the Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur. I can’t wait to show you more of that visit, too! My camera got a real workout in this week.


Speaking of workouts, hanging pictures while balancing on the stairwell is a workout in itself.   I finally got around to hanging up the gallery of black frames we’ve amassed that tends to migrate from room to room.  And let me tell you, 3M Command Strips made the whole process 18x easier (that’s an official number – hehe). I almost never plan out or measure when I hang things on the wall, so I’ll usually end up putting a few more holes in the wall than absolutely necessary. The Command Strips make me feel like the frames are not only more secure than they would be with only nails, but they’re also saving the walls too.   Our stairwell finally feels designed and I love looking at all the photos as I go up and down.

The first night, Jude cried and said he was scared of them (he can see the stairwell from his room). I told him that these were all such happy memories, especially the one of him and his Daddy from his third birthday.  We then prayed that Jesus would calm his spirit and that he could get good rest and not be afraid. Then Jude prayed, “Dear God, please help my mommy to take down the scary frames in the hallway. Amen.”

Hrmph. KIDS.


Oh, Jude. The kid’s been a real stinker lately. He has been telling some crazy whoppers completely out of the blue. The other day I heard him tell some boys how we have a dog (NO) which then led into a story about how he has a brother, but after awhile, that brother had to go live somewhere else and so we don’t get to see him anymore (UM, also NO). I nearly died and made him go tell them the truth.  Mom also told me how he sweetly told her all about how the ambulance had to come get him the other night because his legs were hurting so bad (WHAT?!). When she gently corrected him he said, “Oh, right — well, the ambulance did come to get our neighbor’s mom the other night.” (NO.)  Have your kids told crazy stories like that? I’ve been talking with him about how it’s fun to make up stories, but not okay to let people think that they’re true if they’re really not.

So. After all the traveling, photographing, and storytelling, I AM TIRED. So this weekend we’re laying low.

Got any big plans for the weekend? Are you gearing up for Easter?




with love,

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