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How to Wear Neon -


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Have you noticed that neon is everywhere? I was driving down the highway the other day past Lake Hefner and saw a dude out in the distance wearing neon running shoes. Then there was the older lady wearing the neon tee shirt at a restaurant. And little kids … it is ubiquitous all of a sudden.

I am definitely a fan of the trend, but it’s bold – not for the fearful. So let’s talk about a few different ways you can insert some neon into your everyday life, even if you don’t want to commit to it head-to-toe.

Regardless of whatever color it is you might be nervous about wearing, get started by committing to it in small doses. Don’t think it will look good on your skintone? Then try it on an accessory, like a bracelet, or maybe as a bag — but keep it away from your face if you feel like it doesn’t work well.

Here’s how to use this guide: I’ve designed it so you can decide how committed you are to the trend.  Shop from the far left column if you’re not really sure neon is for you. Shop from the middle column if you’re digging it, but you don’t want to blow tons of money on it. Shop from the far right column if you want to go big, or go home.

Get the look: Neon Shopping Guide


Gap >>> Baggu >>> Cambridge Satchel

Bracelet >>> Long Necklace >>> Statement Necklace

Sandals >>> Scarf  >>> Sunglasses

Hanky Panky boyshorts (LOVE these – so comfy) >>> Splendid Baseball Tee >>> Madewell dress

Now don’t laugh — yes, I definitely included neon undies in this roundup because if you can’t wear  something crazy under your clothes, then where else can you wear it?

I’ve picked up a few pieces here & there from the Gap, in particular. Tell me — are you buying neon this spring?

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