Washi Tape Wonders


You know about washi tape, right? Leave it to the Japanese to make boring, utilitarian masking tape fun.  Punchy colors, preppy patterns, and quirky designs make it easy to snap these little babies up like candy.

Etsy seller PrettyTape has quite the selection, like those shown above.

I hadn’t seen the super skinny washi tape, but I’m loving it, too. Get these from etsy seller Crafty Japan.

At our blogger’s night out a few weeks ago, Chirps+Cheers gave each of us a darling spool of washi tape, and I was happy to add another family member to my ever-growing collection.  Admittedly I was a sticker hoarder as a kid and I fight the tendency as an adult. I would not want to waste my collection on a less-than-perfect project. I’m trying to ease up on my death grip, though and so when my friend Rita asked me just what exactly do we do with these little rolls of tape, I got to googling. What project will be worthy enough for the cuteness?

Maybe you will wrap some candle holders. //source//

Or darling gift tags   // source //

A typographic book display   // source //

Glassware, anyone? // source //

Escort cards for your wedding! // source //

Clothespins // source //

DIY bowls out of paper plates.  // source //

Fun way to jazz up a plain wrapping paper.  // source //

This creative blogger wrapped up these tiny canvases. Love!  // source //

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