Stream of Consciousness

Last night I took Jude with me downtown to go check out the space in the Myriad Gardens for the upcoming Myriad Pop-Up Shops. Allison Bailey is organizing it all and I’ll be participating in a couple of trunk shows in late November and mid December. It really is a fantastic space; I’m still shocked that no restaurant has snapped it up yet. Allison has organized an amazing group of local designers and retailers to occupy the space from Black Friday until Christmas Eve.

I love Allison to pieces. I got to know her better when we were both at Altitude Summit in January. We stood there chatting about the current state of blogging — and our own personal issues with it — and it got my wheels spinning. I’m wanting more relationships and more authenticity. I also think I want less curated blogs of stuff people want to buy and less (forced) partnerships/advertising. It seemed like for awhile there, everyone was all about getting those prized sponsorships. And I have to admit, I was right there with them. But as time has gone on, I find that I feel like it’s so forced. Blogging felt like something authentic and original when it all got started, and somewhere, somehow, I feel like advertising and marketing has slunk its sleazy way into the fray. There are less and less blogs that I’m really interested in reading because they don’t ring true. I feel like I’m being sold something all the time.

And I don’t like the way that feels. I don’t think you do either.  It’s a fine line, you know?


I have always been a documenter, of sorts. As a child, I kept several diaries and was always writing a story here or there. And of course I kept several scrapbooks, too. When I first started blogging a few years ago, it was a natural progression from habits I’d already established. And it felt like such a relief – my very own place to get the thoughts out of my head, but additionally, to help me remember all the amazing things that were happening.  I love being able to look back at our lives in that way and I know that someday these photos and stories will be priceless to my family. They’re already priceless to me.

I also confessed to Allison that I feel I don’t have a ton to write about these days because I am so busy. Busy with work, busy with parenting, busy with wife-ing. I haven’t had a whole lot of energy the past couple of months for much more than just getting through each day — and that means filling orders, shipping items, responding to emails, etc. That’s not terribly exciting to read about! Much less, write about.  I’m already thinking I must have lost my mind because in addition to the Myriad pop up shops, I’m also doing a Joss & Main event on December 15th and a Brika event too. I must be insane, you guys! Send help!

So I guess what I’m saying is, thanks for sticking with me. Thanks for reading and for following along on this crazy trip. I really do appreciate everyone who take the time to read, or check out my shop, or leave a comment on a post. That means the world to me.