Let’s do this thing. Thanksgiving, that is.

Are you officially ready for Thanksgiving? I’m getting there – slowly. Although I will say that I am otherwise consumed with all things Pop-Up Shops, not to mention holiday orders and life in general.  We have transformed the front living room into Pop Up Shop central, per Simon’s urging that we do a test run to see how everything looks before the actual event.  Basically I’m poaching all my furniture from the house to make this work. Oh, and a fab white Christmas tree. Or two or three.

Can I tell you something? I’m an over-preparer. When I throw a party, I always always always have approximately 18.2x too much food than we actually need. Because horror of horrors that we should run out of food and let the people starve! And that’s become my Pop Up mantra. I am officially overstocked with tons of goodies so you won’t starve for fabulous presents.

The weekend itself was idyllic. Friday night was spent all together in our living room, on a pile of pillows and blankets, eating pizza and watching movies. Saturday was equally lovely — I think it was the first time in weeks that we’ve all been together on a Saturday. There was coffee, donuts, and Myriad Gardens.

Look how festive downtown Oklahoma City is getting for the season! I can’t get the smile off my face every time I see these photos that I shot the other morning.

Dear Devon Energy executive that decided we needed ah-mazing, over-the-top Christmas decor, THANK YOU. From the bottom of my whimsy-loving heart, THANK YOU.  You have officially created a Showstopper.

I fully expect this week to fly by. Jude is out of school on Wednesday, so I’ll be doing last-minute Thanksgiving shopping and prep for the shops. My big offering for Thanksgiving this year at Simon’s grandmother’s house is a relish plate, per her request. And internet, I’m not going to lie – both Simon and I had to google what exactly a relish plate entails.

I even managed to get our Christmas trees up this weekend. Yes, plural – trees. In addition to our regular tree,  the white Christmas tree I won from Treetopia last year is also up and at ’em. I can’t take my eyes off that white tree. It makes me ridiculously happy. I really want a big one! (Oh, speaking of Treetopia, they’re running another giveaway this year — slightly different from the one that I ended up winning(!), but a great one. Check it out!)

Whew. This was a newsy post. What are your Thanksgiving week plans?

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