Just In: Limited Edition Metallic Trays

A few months back I did a collaboration with the now-shuttered Jess LC. When we talked, Jess mentioned how beautiful the trays would be in a metallic which instantly got my wheels turning. The resulting collaboration sold out quickly and I thought how great they would be in my shop for holiday.

Picking 3 of the most popular patterns, I had 15 of these trays whipped up in each design. They arrived yesterday and I quickly got them photographed and put up in the shop. They’re sized at 8.5×11 and are priced at $65 each. And yes, I’ll definitely have some at the Pop-Up Shops!

The Afghan Chevron pattern is going to be available exclusively at Brika in a couple of weeks.

But the Bonita and Arrow patterns are up in the shop now and are ready for purchase!  The metallic ink on these is absolutely gorgeous. It has such a glossy luster — wouldn’t they be lovely with bottles of perfume sitting on them?


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