Diary of a White Tree

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On Tuesday, I pulled into the driveway and squealed with excitement at the large box awaiting me on the front porch. (Side note: in my opinion, the FedEx & UPS men are like Santa Claus for grownups).  There, on my front porch, was my white Christmas tree that I won last week from Treetopia.



Backstory:  a couple of weeks ago when I dropped the bomb that I was really loving the look of white Christmas trees, we were sitting at my parents’ and laughing with them about how Mom & I are a  little bit Christmas-tree-crazy. Simon was, shall we say,  less than thrilled at the idea of purchasing a tree when we already have a perfectly good (green) Christmas tree. So, I tweeted about my great love for white Christmas trees and publicly thanked Mom on Facebook for her support of my white tree fascination.

The next day, my friend Lauren told me about the Treetopia sweepstakes for an artificial Christmas tree from their extensive & fun inventory. I laughed to myself and entered the sweepstakes on a whim.  And wouldn’t you know it? I got an email stating that I won! I about fell over from shock.  I had pretty much given up on getting one and then voila! I won!  You wouldn’t believe the look on my parents’ or Simon’s faces when I told them!

While my winnings didn’t allow me to get a full-size tree, I’m really happy about my darling little white tree. It arrived today and it’s a really nice, high-quality tree. I’m very impressed with how dense the branches are and it even has little slivers of tinsel among the white branches. It’s the perfect backdrop for some of my brightly-colored, fancy ornaments.


I’ve been finding inspiration photos for how to style small trees, and I love these two below. I think the key here is putting them in some kind of container or decorating the base in some way. I’m still at a loss for how to style mine.

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Regardless, it’s coming together and looks super pretty!




Through the rest of this week, I’ll be decorating it as well as adding the rest of the ornaments to the main tree. Jude keeps scalping ornaments every now & then!IMG_4508





Thank you, Treetopia!!!  You really made my day!!


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