The Rebirth of Downtown OKC

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Seventy degrees has me pulling out all my spring clothes and letting Jude wear shorts. The weather has been so blissfully lovely that we’ve found ourselves heading to the park more often, and with the renovation of the downtown OKC Myriad Gardens, we’ve been anxious to explore all the new nooks & crannies. The children’s area, in particular, has one of the coolest playgrounds I’ve seen in a long time with some extremely unusual play equipment.

The cranes have finally been removed from the new Devon building (below). I find myself looking forward to this year’s Arts Festival as it seems the energy of downtown is only increasing with each completed project.  Simon and I have this little fantasy that we might have some cool little loft in the area that we could hang out at on the weekends, or for New Year’s, the Arts Festival…  I fantasize about it being all white with modern furniture and pops of color in the accessories. Or, in contrast, a 1920s tiny bungalow that we could fix up with white marble countertops and exquisite hardware.  We would walk back & forth to the coffee shop or to the park.  Doesn’t it sound lovely?

Jude always sneezes right when we go outside. I adore this photo below.

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The garden area was complete with an actual cabbage patch. I kept looking for the little babydoll faces. #childofthe80s

Man, my pants look totally neon in this photo!

At first glance, this “slide” kinda made me nervous, but it really was pretty safe, and it was interesting to see the different ways that the kids interpreted it.

Of course, it was 10x more fun when his little cousin Piper showed up to play.

The tile thing that the kids are climbing on in the photo below make different chime sounds when they stepped on them. Just like BIG! #childofthe80s  Yes, that’s right – TWO 1980s references in this post!

Big Wipeout-esque balls.  Please tell me I’m not the only one that looks at giant balls and thinks ‘WIPEOUT!’


This photo would be 10x greater if there had been another photo showing me slide out of the G like a hot mess.

I adore all of the French bistro furniture that dots the landscape of the entire park.



What do you think about urban living? Could you live downtown with kids?