Disney World!


Can we all agree that Disney World really is the happiest place on earth? I’m pretty sure it is. Well, that and Paris.

Jude was the perfect age for this. It was a pretty taxing routine, and we blew on through naptime, but I was willing to be flexible as long as we were till having fun and not throwing tantrums. We spent four days total exploring the various theme parks. On Valentine’s Day (Tuesday), Simon ducked out of his conference and came to join us at the Magic Kingdom, and I’ve gotta say, it really was a magical day. I felt so glad to be with  my wonderful little family. We rode rides, we ate junk food, and we laughed until we couldn’t laugh anymore. Perfection.

For the record? My kid is a total daredevil. He is fearless. I think that’s one of my favorite things about Jude. He’s joyful, fearless, and it brings me ridiculous amounts of joy to show him things.

We rode Peter Pan over and over again, and I drug him onto It’s a Small World (my favorite!) twice.

But right up there with Peter Pan was anything having to do with rockets or Buzz Lightyear.  And when he finally got to meet Buzz Lightyear in person? I thought the kid was going to explode with excitement.

A big thank you to my sweet husband for taking us along on his conference. We really did have an amazing time.


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