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Disney Magic Cruise

Ahoy my darlings! I have missed you guys so much as we’ve been gone on the Disney Magic for Spring Break. I had great intentions of blogging while we were away, but in the end, both Simon and I totally unplugged and it was nothing but fabulous. (Part of our unplugging was location-imposed as there was no internet service while we were out at sea.) All in all, it was the best vacation we have ever had as a family of 3. Ever.

Disney Magic - Disney Cruise Line.

Sailing out of Galveston, we were all set for our 8-night cruise. Can I be honest? We were a little freaked out by how long the cruise was going to be, but we really had nothing to worry about. I went into it with somewhat low expectations since in previous experience it seemed as if cruise food, service, etc. was rather over-hyped, not to mention the fact that we were going to be on the oldest ship in Disney’s fleet. But Simon and I were both pleasantly surprised; the first day we kept saying over and over again, “Wow – this is so much better than we expected!”  After being on other cruises, I doubt we’d ever do a family cruise again on anything but Disney. It really was that good.

Disney Magic - Deck 4 -


Here’s the highlight reel:

Disney Magic Itinerary - Galveston -

– Jude was chosen to participate in the magic show on the first night. He had the crowd rolling, and the magician was laughing pretty hard too. Cruise celeb – all the kids were coming up to him during the week to chat.

Disney Cruise -

– Speaking of kids, he made best buddies with Michael at our dinner seating. They were partners in crime. One night, Jude asked if he and Michael could go to the bathroom. We said sure, and then after 20 minutes we all got worried. So Simon and Chris (Michael’s dad) ran off to find them. About 20 minutes later, here they come with two very sorry looking kids. Jude convinced Michael to “go on a special adventure.” So they went to deck 2 to our cabin, deck 6 to Michael’s cabin, rode the elevator a few times, and then ended up on the top deck in the arcade. I could have killed him.



– Our cabin was just the right size. Again, I was worried that it was going to be a long time stuck in a tiny room with Jude, but it was anything but that. Our travel agent, Mary with Small World Vacations (who I can’t recommend enough) was sure to put us in just the right spot so we wouldn’t be seasick or feel too much rolling of the ocean. We had a nice oceanview stateroom and the split bathrooms (two separate bathrooms w/ sinks) meant we could all get ready at the same time. Nonstop Disney movies on demand and Mickey Bars a plenty through room service kept us happy.


– We definitely utilized the Oceaneer’s Club (childcare for all the kids) numerous times so we could have some alone time as well as enjoy the adults-only restaurant Palo, and were super pleased with not only how secure the childcare was, but how much fun the kids were all having. Disney definitely gets how to keep kids happy – and the parents too.  We never ran out of things to do, and in addition to all the activities, 3 pools, and nonstop food, there were first run movies and tons of crafts for us to do.



– Jude ate approximately 28.3 pounds of chicken strips, hot dogs, and french fries. And ice cream. Sometimes at the same time.

Disney Cruise - Disney Magic -

– There were nonstop Disney character appearances, which was great because it meant we didn’t have to wait in line to see the characters during our one day at the park. Jude filled his little autograph book from cover to cover, and it was cute to watch all the little girls get excited about the Disney princesses. It makes for excellent people watching. Plus the additional character breakfast was an added bonus. I think Jude nearly swooned with the excitement of it all.


– Be prepared for the tons of Disney crazies fans that will also be on board. There was a whole group of grown women who were in costume every day. The first day, they were all in Minnie Mouse getups. For formal night? Yup – Cinderella costumes. But just think – 50 year old Cinderellas with full sleeve tattoos. Yup.  Classy!!  But it really was kinda fun to see everyone get into the spirit of things.  And on the pirate night? Oh wow – there are no words.

Disney Magic - Pirates in the Caribbean night

All in all, a fantastic trip – and I’ve got a few more posts up about our day in Key West and Disney World too.

Ok, now I’m off to go work off all the extra weight I put on from those chicken strips. And Mickey Bars. And …


with love,

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