Fryday Friday

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Nothing big happening this weekend. I’ll be catching up on work, taking Jude to a birthday party, and hopefully later today waiting in line at the health department to get Jude’s birth certificate. We went and visited school this week in anticipation of preschool next year (sob!) and I’ve been preparing all the pertinent application stuff. I seriously don’t feel grown up enough to have a kid who is in SCHOOL.

Pouty McPouterson

In good news, my mom is finally out of the hospital! She has improved SO much. I think where we were two weeks ago, and the difference is astounding. The neurologist said that he thought she’d make a complete turnaround. Now we have to work on getting her strong again. She’ll be attending physical therapy a couple of times a week.

Is anybody else ready for spring? This is the hardest time of the year for me because I love all the resortwear that the stores put out, but the weather is still way too frigid! I picked up this cute skirt at Anthropologie last weekend in Tulsa, and I positively adore it because it’s the perfect weight to wear in winter or in summer. Beautifully lined and delightfully full. It’s perfection. Definitely coming with me to Alt Summit.

Finally, it’s Friday. Which means that in my family, it’s French Fry Fryday.

What are your plans for the weekend, m’dears?

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