Prepping for Alt Summit

I can’t tell you how excited I am to hop on the plane to Salt Lake City next week! From Wednesday to Saturday, I’ll be attending Altitude Summit with a slew of other ah-mazing design bloggers. But the best part? I love it that so many from our excellent network of bloggers right here in Oklahoma City will be there, too. And? Susan (of Working Closet fame) and I are not only flying out together, but we’re roomies too. This morning, we had a closet date –  I had Susan come over and assess the items I’m bringing along and offer advice on what to pair with stuff. And can I just say that I was so validated when she said she just might be packing 2 full suitcases? Yeah. Because let’s face it – I’ve never been a carryon kind of girl.

Alt Summit seems to be the perfect opportunity to get dressed up every single day. And that, my friends, is right up my alley. I also particularly love that Alt gave us a sartorial challenge by letting us know in advance about the diner en blanc (the white dinner) where we are encouraged to dress in the appropriate all-white scheme to match the event. More on that later.

Ok. In my fashion arsenal, I’m definitely packing:
1. Accessories (jewelry//scarves//belts//etc). Accessories are always my secret weapon when it comes to fashion. Even the most basic tee shirt & jeans can be made fabulous by the right extras. And they don’t have to be expensive, either, to make a big impact.Artwork

stella & dot renegade necklace // jcrew flats // asos belt
2.Sparkly shoes & bright tights

Inspired by the styling at Kate Spade, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone & experimenting with bright tights with some of my more basic dresses & skirts.  I snagged a few pairs from Target and We Love Colors to wear with a few different dresses I’m bringing.


But my favorite item, hands-down, is this gorgeous pair of Kate Spade Charyl peeptoe heels that I scored on killer sale after Christmas. I plan on wearing these babies practically every day. The metallic sheen ensures it will go with everything. I’m even loving them paired with my ankle-crop dark denim.


3. Lots of dresses for the evening parties & mix-and-match separates for the daytime

I’m debating whether or not to pack this lovely Tracy Reese dress that Simon bought me the first year we were married.

I love its vintage appeal. The fabric is delish, too.

4. Cold-weather items (like my J.Crew townhouse trench,  gloves,  hat, and boots). It is Salt Lake City in the dead of winter, after all!

More than anything, I’m a little worried that I’m not packing enough cold weather items. But from the sound of it, we won’t be out in the elements very much, and I’m not planning on going skiing or anything.  Any previous attendees have any advice on coldweather gear?
I went with the yellow coat tonight for the @benfolds show.

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