Awesome Press: HGTV Magazine

Late Friday afternoon, I opened the front door & made the dash out to the mailbox. I opened it to find the typical bills, junk mail. But then – then! There was a large white envelope that I had been awaiting for quite some time. Inside was the newest issue of HGTV magazine and a kindly note from the editors thanking me for my participation. Yup – Pencil Shavings Studio made it to a magazine!


I was contacted a couple of months ago about having one of my iPhone cases featured in their February/March issue, but wasn’t guaranteed a spot. You can imagine how I squealed and did a happy dance out at the mailbox when I found it lying there, waiting for me!  I’m sure the neighbors think I have lost my marbles.IMG_5166

I think they only launched their magazine in the last half of 2011, but I really like it. Being a huge shelter magazine fan, this was right up my alley. Check it out the next time you’re magazine hunting!  Big huge thanks to HGTV! This seriously made my year!