My life in Instagrams




How was your weekend?  Ours was busy & delightful!

We're having a colorful morning over here


The weather is so pretty that we’ve been spending scads of time outside. Nothing like hanging out on my favorite blanket w/ the iPad & a cold drink.

Gorgeous afternoon to hang out on the front lawn with my iPad while Jude rides his bike


And it seems like I’ve got a Washi tape problem! Most of them have been impulse buys at Chirps & Cheers.

I have a serious washi tape obsession


I’m wearing lots of red lipstick these days.  And!  After growing my hair out for months, it’s longer than it’s been in, oh, 15 years and I’m finally to the point that I like it.  Those awkward grow-out phases have been brutal.  I’ve been super-inspired by my hair-twin’s blog as she’s given me fresh ideas on what to do w/ this crazy mop.

Feeling red today.


It’s the birthday season in our family! We celebrated 4 family members’ bdays in a Birthapalooza on Saturday night!

We're having a Birthapalooza tonite at my parents'! 4 birthdays!


Lots of lunchboxes for my nieces and nephews were, of course, included.

Lunchboxes for the cousins


And what’s a party without cupcakes? Gigi’s Cupcakes, bien sur.

And what's a birthapalooza without cupcakes?



Toms on the rocks


Finally, been loving on my sweet boy all weekend long. We’re back in the swing of things with mother’s day out, BSF beginning this week, and also our local version of MOPS. So happy to be busy!

Took my baby boy into "big church" for the 1st time since he was a baby. Sweet to hear him singing along.


Sunset w/ Simon & Jude on Sunday night.  Sad to say that this was taken at the lake — it looks more like a desert after the terrible summer we’ve had!

Sunset over the lake


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