Fashion Friday: Zara

Last night was Fashion’s Night Out and the second-annual local edition here in OKC was hoppin’. Did your city do a FNO?

You may have heard that European retailer Zara has finally opened up online shopping to the US. I’ve loved Zara since I was a student in France. Their high-fashion/low-prices mashup ensured that you could always find something similar to what was seen on the runways. ¬†However — and this is true particularly in Europe — their stores were always a complete and utter trainwreck. It’s like hordes of roaming fashion-starved women were roaming the aisles and just went absolutely insane over sweaters, toppling over displays, and throwing shoes. I can’t stand the clutter; I think that’s why I don’t particularly like shopping at Forever 21 or H&M.

So when the new e-commerce site went live, I was so excited. No more pawing through the racks, wondering if you’ve missed a hidden gem. Here’s some of my faves from their current offerings.

LOVE this top.

Hilariously awesome boys’ tee.

Sequin ballet flats, anyone?

Pretty metallic ballets. Also in black.

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