In My Office

Seemingly everything this year has been in reverse for me. First it was what I termed “Reverse Seasonal Effective Disorder” what with the horrendous heat and subsequent stuck-inside-all-day-and-we-are-going-bonkers hysteria that followed it. And now it seems that I have Fall Cleaning — instead of spring cleaning.  It must be the insanely crisp, delightful weather, but I am on an all-out spree to clean up this house and get it shipshape for fall.  So far, I’ve cleaned out three trash-bags full of clothes out of my closet alone.  I’ve also cleaned up & organized my pantry cabinet as well as the laundry room. However,  lest you think my house is spotless and perfect (ha), it still manages to look like Hiroshima every day.

I’ve also been working to get my office in order as it frequently becomes the dumping ground for whatever I don’t want to put away/throw away/file away. As I shot the photos in here, I realized that maybe part of the reason I don’t want to spend any time in here, as well as the anxiety this room seems to induce, might be due in part to the electric coral color I painted it. And I realized instantly that I am over it. I loved it when I first painted it, but wow – so so over it.  And these photos only make it look MORE electric than it is in real life. Gahhh.

I think I need something more soothing, huh?  I do love my pretty painting from Pippin+Pearl in here, though.

Also, I’m amazed at the way that all colors seem to be sucked into this coral color unless it’s a strongly contrasting white or black.
But despite the electric coral (that MUST GO), I’m feeling much more organized. My supplies are at hand and are easily accessible. I also delight in my collection of fabulous glitter. 🙂
I am obsessed with my melamine trays. I love how they seem to instantly organize anything. I use them in the office, the kitchen, and I’m getting my lucite ones in the next couple of weeks. Cannot wait to show you guys!

Over the past few months, I’ve been buying up these white square cubes from Michael’s when they go on 50% off (such a deal). You can mix & match them to any combination that you need. I use mine for envelopes, ribbons, magazines, shipping supplies, and more.  Oh, and notice how I’ve had those bamboo chairs forever and I still have not found The Fabric to reupholster the seat cushions.  ::sigh::


So now I think I have another project in mind once things slow down a little over here – Operation Repaint the Office. Maybe something like a pale grey? Or Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage?

What do you think? What color would you paint this room?


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