Project: Sara Kate Studios

Please do excuse my absence and late posting today, but I think you’ll find it’s worth the wait.  I’m proud to reveal the blog redesign for Sara Kate Studios, a local ridiculously talented interior designer.  After seeing Sara Kate in a fantastic spread at Matchbook magazine a few months back, we became Twitter & Facebook friends and had coffee & cupcakes a few times.  Furthering my total love for the internet, we hit it off & became in-real-life friends.  I’ve had the fortunate experience of meeting many blog friends in real life the past few months, and every time I am reminded of something I read somewhere a few years back:

“The Internet: not just for perverts and weirdos anymore.”

That’s right — normal people exist on the internet, too! 🙂  Some of the coolest people I have met in the past year have been blog pals.  A few weeks back, Sara Kate asked me to help her out with a blog redesign, and I was happy to oblige.  We share a similar aesthetic and love of color, and it was nothing but fun to collaborate on her project.  Mixing a love of color and pattern, as well as vintage elements and delicate typography, we went back and forth on a few different ideas before we landed on the one you’ll see today.

So today I’m proud to announce the redesign and launch of Sara Kate’s blog, Sara Kate Studios.

Sara Kate Studios - Sara Kate Studios

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