What I’m Wearing: Maritime Striped Blazer

I’ve pretty much decided that in terms of fashion seasons, I’m a resort kind of girl.  Resort, as in that hard-to-define season in between fall and spring collections.  The kind of stuff you can layer with your wintery stuff to stay warm or pare down with the lighter-weight spring stuff.

Enter this cute little blazer, the Maritime blazer from J.Crew. My mom got this for me and I absolutely love it. I love that it’s a trim fit but in a soft jersey. I actually want warm weather to hold off a little longer so I can get more wear out of it now!

Let’s see, in other news … we went to Dallas w/ my parents for a long weekend over spring break, and it was fun to get away with them. We also got to rendezvous w/ my sis & her fam as they were on their way back from Florida, so it was just one big happy family! But I’m not gonna lie. It is hard to travel with a 3 year old. But, regardless, it’s fun to see things through his eyes. He was so excited to “go on vacation.” When we crossed the state line into Texas, he said, “I want to get out on vacation!”

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