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J.Crew Jardin Maxiskirt shown above

I had a request the other day for suggestions on maxi skirts. Can I be honest? I’m on the fence about these, and I’m guessing that 99.9% of it has to do with the many many years I spent in private school wearing skirts down to my ankles because it was also The Time of the Miniskirt Which Was Not Acceptable. In contrast, it was also the 90s and there were lots of florally peasant skirts being worn with Doc Martens. I’m not saying it was me (actually, yes, I am).  So to see this trend come back around… well, I’m strugglin’.

I do love a maxi dress, though, despite the fact that last summer as we headed out to have lunch at the bagel cafe, Jude directed the missive to me that we should not be wearing our pajamas in public. At first I was semi-offended by the wee fashion police, but then I thought, “Actually, this does feel like a nightgown.”  So my goal in general is to find both maxi skirts and maxi dresses that can be slightly more than nightgowns but maintain the comfort factor. Also, you’ll note that I’m not showing any of the long black jersey maxis here – those are a dime a dozen and can be found for anywhere from $20 to $200. Here’s my favorites that offer something a little different.

  1. Three Dots Draped Pleated Skirt (this one is my personal fave)
  2. J.Crew Jardin Maxiskirt 
  3. Splendid Palm Desert Maxi
  4. ASOS Crinkle Skirt
  5. Hive & Honey Chevron Maxi
  6. Dee & Ray Tulip Maxi
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