Cute Cookware

On Simon’s side of the family, we engage in a fun round of Dirty Santa and it gets really ugly.  Lots of stealing, laughing, etc. You know how it is. And I came perilously close to stealing this adorable casserole dish from my sister-in-law.

Have you ever seen anything like it? I definitely had not. The shape of it was so unique and I’m loving the bright colors and easy-to-grasp handles. It’s such a pretty pot. Who’s it by, you ask? None other than Rachael Ray.

So that got me hunting online to see some of the other pieces of this collection, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Simon’s aunt has this lasagna pan and says she really loves it. I think I would too!

Brownies would be so much prettier in these Bubble & Brown pans than in my old Pyrex.

Word on the street is that they’re available at Kohl’s, but they’re online at Amazon and at Rachael Ray’s Store. There’s several other colors, too.