Growing Up

Since Jude will be turning 3 next month (sob!!), we figured it was time to make the official transition from the crib to a big bed. I was surprised at how hard it was for me to move the crib out. I mean c’mon. Isn’t he still a little baby? 🙁

I loved his nursery at our old house. It was the perfect green color and had lots of sunshine. The happiest room in the entire house. It was tiny, so I was really careful in laying out all the furniture I had picked out so it would all fit.

The rug was from the local Coach store. We had a friend who was an employee there, and she let us know when they were selling off their seasonal store fixtures. They switch out their rugs and pillows on a regular basis. The rug was dirt cheap and in pretty good condition despite being walked over for so long. We still have it now in Jude’s playroom. It’s so simple, but really nicely made.

Not being a fan of cribs-that-turn-into-twinsize-beds (I kinda think they’re mega ugly), we just always assumed we’d transition him into a regular bed when the time came. He slept in a toddler firetruck bed for awhile after my two surgeries this past year, and that was a total blessing. But then he kinda got over that, so I just moved my old West Elm daybed into his room for the time being. It’s a twinsize bed and not too high off the floor.

All the linens on it are old – as in, college old. :-  From my ye olde college days. Oh dear.

And I still hate the beige walls in his room. His playroom is such a pretty blue, but I don’t know why I can’t quite bring myself to paint the entire space that color. I really did love the original green of his old room at the other house, so maybe that would be fun.

I keep pulling inspiration photos together. I love the color of this and all the little accent colors that go with it. I don’t think I could actually paint the room this electric, though.

And then this one from Garnet Hill. Such a great eclectic vibe. Not too matchy matchy themey.

Again, a gorgeous blue. From Serena & Lily.

So this means that the daybed has come out of commission from the furniture trap room undetermined space extra playroom can-somebody-please-name-this-room-please. This poor room. It is such a mishmash.

But guess what? The crib mattress is a perfect fit for the window seats.

So now it’s super comfy to sit in.

Train table fun. We are so blessed by our family who graciously pass along their awesome toys to us once their kids have outgrown them.

Sweet boy. Can’t believe he’s so big.