Bold Color: Not for Faint of Heart

I’ve been collecting some fun interior photos on my Pinterest site. I keep being drawn to unusual color palettes.

Like this olive green room, for instance. I adore olive green in fashion – it’s an incredible color that pairs surprisingly well with a wide variety of other colors. It’s stunning against fuchsia, quirky against chartreuse or lemon, and sexy with navy. I hadn’t considered it with this bright orange, but I love it.

A stunning example of taking an inspiring item (the light fixture) and dramatizing it on the walls. Ah-maz-ing. From Apartment Therapy.

Striking rug made from FLOR tiles. In a variety of colors. Um, and yes, Hermes? IF you’d like to send me a bunch of your dee-lish orange boxes to display in my home, by all MEANS. Email me NOW!

Cheerful, whimsical kitchen.


This reminds me of my coral-painted office. The yellow is such a beautiful shade opposite this.

What are your favorite unexpected color combinations?

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