Found my camera battery charger!

Hooray! I found my camera battery in the bottom of one of my purses, and I was so happy to discover it there. Relief! Now for the big reveal of a few things.

Here’s the coffee table base that just needs a piece of glass on top. Or a mirror, I guess, if I were so inclined. But I think I’ll go with glass so I can get safety glass.

I moved my grandmother’s green buffet from the front entryway into the living room. Admittedly I am a little shocked that the TV took up the entire space. I really didn’t imagine that it would. It’s a lot taller than our old IKEA cabinet that the TV was sitting on previously.

So in the entryway, I put the campaign-style desk that I had purchased off of eBay. I kinda like it there. Just a different vibe. Oh, the runner in there is at the rug cleaners’. It got lipstick on it. 🙁

However, there is a toy-a-palooza going on now on the fireplace. I swear the toys reproduce and multiply overnight. I don’t even know how they get this out of control. I totally hate it. A plastic explosion.

The books don’t bother me. I’m thrilled to pieces that Jude loves books, so I have no problem having books lying about anywhere and everywhere.

But sometimes I just get so sick and tired of picking up the same toys over. and over. and over again. Like footballs.

So my mom got me this at Hobby Lobby and I love it. It’s so true:

See, before, the toys all lived inside the TV cabinet. They were hidden. Said TV cabinet is relegated to the corner for the time being, along with the old kitchen table. The kitchen table will go upstairs for crafts, etc. BUT, the old iKEA tv cabinet is going the way of the dodo. Or Craigslist.

All in all, I guess I am grateful for the hail storm because it allowed us to change up things, and it was all covered by insurance. Hooray for insurance!  Rug by Madeline Weinrib. Drapes found on clearance at Ballard Designs. Coffee table was previously in the other living room – an estate sale find for $30.

I’m trying to interject pops of turquoise into the room to link the front living room and the entryway with this room.

Also, I would like to say thank you to everyone who chimed in with their opinion on the dining room chair makeover! After much hemming and hawing and indecision, I went with the cream. It matched our cabinets and it will be easy to match fabric to at some point. For the time being, I haven’t planned on recovering the chairs because (1) they’re pleather and easy to clean and (2) my child likes to smear nutella and peanut butter right now. So I’m probably not going to freak out too badly if he does it on these chairs for the moment. I’ll recover them later. I also need to paint the table base. I did all the painting of the chairs while Simon was out of town, and I just couldn’t get the table out of the door all by myself without doing damage to myself or the table or the house.