Goodbye, Summer

Seems like this Labor Day weekend was the official goodbye to summer. Life seems so much more back in the swing of things now. Back to school, back to Bible Study Fellowship, back to routine and schedules. But we sent it out in high style this weekend. On Saturday, we attended two birthday parties, the first one for a friend from church and the second one for my sister-in-law Carolyn’s husband Gary. Gary’s folks always throw a great party out at their house. We had a great time swimming in their pool and eating good food.

I LOVE this photo of Simon doing a back flip off of their diving board. Amazing! And Jude is delighted by this.

Then on Sunday it was out to my folks’ house to hang out and eat eat eat.

And enjoy one of the last swims of the season. But it was so very windy, it almost wasn’t enjoyable to swim.

The nephews found a little green tree frog and trapped it in a Welch’s juice container. Poor froggy.

Somebody’s feet.


Wind notwithstanding, Jude enjoyed swimming with the cousins.

All in all, a good weekend, and the beginning of Birthday Season here in our family. This week, we celebrate two nephews and Chrysi. Next month, it’s Noah, Simon (30!!), and Jude. In November, it’s Eric, Dad, and Luke. And then we wrap it up in December with Amy. Lots to celebrate!


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